I went into the Missouri woods looking for a whitetail yesterday, but came out with a turkey.  I just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you once again, thank you for making an awesome broad head.

The Fixpandable absolutely did a number on my bird.  Photo attached.  Thanks again and I can’t wait to put one to use on a big MO buck.

Joe Rhodes – Gravick Ranch

One of the questions we are most often asked at Crossbow Magazine is what broadhead should I shoot in my crossbow. The FIXpandable is a broadhead we can fully recommend to our readers. It combines the great flight characteristics and accuracy of a mechanical broadhead, with the rugged dependability of a fixed blade head. With 4 broadheads included in a pack, it is an exceptional value as well.

Gene Schang, Field Gear Editor – Crossbow Magazine

In two seasons we have shot 6 deer with them and not lost a single one. They are hands down the most amazing heads that I have shot and I highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a new broad head.

Kris Maples – Archery America Outdoor Chronicles